How to use Pax Era  catridge
Length of session: Naturally, the longer your sessions, the more material you are going to vaporize. Longer, more frequent sessions will deplete pods more quickly than brief, occasional ones.
Inhale amount: The amount of cannabis material you vaporize depends on the amount you inhale. If you pull long and deeply, you are going to use more cannabis material than someone who takes light “sips” from the device.
Temperature: The higher the temperature, the faster the cannabis material vaporizers. When you increase temperature, more cannabis material boils away. This means you’ll be vaporizing your material more quickly than you would at a lower temperature.
Each of these factors combine to determine how long it takes for your pod to be depleted. If you engage in lengthy sessions and take big puffs of vapor at high temperatures, odds are your pod will deplete more quickly than someone who takes a small puff on occasion.
How to use pax era
Insert pax Era compatible pod (purchased separately) into the pax Era device. The indicator light will pulse white,
meaning the device is ready for use.
Draw from the mouthpiece to initiate your session.
Remove pod when it is finished. The indicator light will
pulse blue, meaning the device is disconnected.
Pax era battery level:
To check battery level, gently shake device. White LED light petals will light up to indicate how much battery is

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